Who Are Career Brick Team?

Career Brick Consultant is a well-known and successful EdTech company that is being quickly recognized in the multi-billion dollar curriculum market by a team of seasoned industry experts.

With solid activities and a strong presence in South and South-East Asia, we are aggressively growing into other regions as we aim for an aspirational worldwide presence.

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Who Does Career Brick Value?

Leadership & Teamwork
Leadership & Teamwork
We value those who enjoy teamwork, and collaboration is admired by us. We are happy to onboard professionals who believe in empowering and encouraging their team members and achieving the most out of them because we are constantly working to expand our future leaders.
Interpersonal Skill
Interpersonal Skill
We believe people who have interpersonal skills are umbrella terms that refer to one’s communication, problem-solving, and teamwork abilities. We welcome good communicators who can comfortably adopt and pick up the traits which our industry demands and need.
Workplace Champion
Workplace Champion
We value people who are dedicated to improving a certain area within the company. We believe they are workplace champions who are generally high-performing and engaged employees who can pass this enthusiasm on to others.
An Achiever
An Achiever
We are looking for go-getters who dont feel uncomfortable taking ownership of any situation or task. We look for those who can rise up to the occasion and deliver exceptional results.
Why Work With Career Brick?

Why Work With Career Brick?

● A good work-life balance

● Nurture Co-workers

● Rewards & Recognition

● High Growth Phase

● Dynamic WorkCulture

● Global Existence

● Priceless Experience

● Reinvention

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