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Students studying in New Zealand can avail one great advantage of this country which is a unique educational approach. Students are encouraged to think individually and find their own solutions, which is how they develop amazing strengths and ideas while studying in New Zealand. This country also offers many booming sectors like IT, Healthcare, Forestry, Hospitality, Engineering, Dairy Farming, and Environmental sciences. "Study in New Zealand" is possible with Career Brick as it could help you by providing skill-based training and internship-linked programs that eventually support retaining interns on a large scale.

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Cost Of Education In New Zealand

Types of Expenses Annual Expenses in USD
Tuition fees: Undergraduate- NZ$22,000-32,000 per year, Postgraduate- NZ$26,000-37,000 per year
Accommodation: NZ$270 per week
Transport: NZ$35
Food: NZ$120
Miscellaneous: NZ$200-700 per year

Top University in New Zealand

University of Auckland
University of Auckland
Auckland Central,NZ Rank : 139
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland University of Technology
Auckland Central,NZ Rank : 251
University of Otago
University of Otago
North Dunedin,NZ Rank : 301
Lincoln University
Lincoln University
Canterbury,NZ Rank : 401
The University of Waikato
The University of Waikato
Hillcrest,NZ Rank : 401
Victoria University of Wellington
Victoria University of Wellington
Kelburn,NZ Rank : 401
Massey University
Massey University
Turitea,NZ Rank : 601
University of Canterbury
University of Canterbury
Upper Riccarton,NZ Rank : 601

Admission + Eligibility Criteria


There are around 100000+ scholarships in New Zealand for international students. Some of the scholarship in New Zealand offered by the top universities are given below:

Why Study In New Zealand?

Study in New Zealand for Indian students is possible with a Career Brick consultant. Indian students choose to study in New Zealand because of the limited population, the demand for skilled professionals is high and students are offered a job immediately after completing the course. The salary expectation in New Zealand is much higher than that in India while having the same degree. Study in New Zealand for Indian students is quite a good option as Indian students' quality education is a major factor that contributes to it. New Zealand universities offer professional aspects to provide Indian students with relevant practical experience.


● New Zealand has the second-highest degree completion rates in OECD

● New Zealand universities graduates earn between $1.3-$4 million more than a non-graduate

● New Zealand universities generate $ 500+ million every year through commercializing their research

● Due to New Zealand’s education productivity, the GDP of the country is 3 to 6% higher

● New Zealand universities underpin the export education market of 6% having 28000 students choose this country

● New Zealand universities are ranked in the top 500 universities in the world

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Students first select the university and the program, entry requirements, and fee structure are to be known by the students. Then read the documents mentioned on this website, submit the online application and pay the application fees.

The top-ranked universities in New Zealand are the University of Auckland, the University of Otago, the University of Canterbury, Victoria University of Wellington, and Massey University.

Students who want to apply for undergraduate programs should have a minimum IELTS score of 6.0. Postgraduate programs should have a minimum IELTS score of 6.5.

Most of the top universities in New Zealand have on-campus accommodation facilities available for international students. Students can also have an option of an apartment for rent or a house sharing with others. Even homestay options are also available to local families.
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