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The UK is world-renowned for its educational institutions, with many top-ranked universities, including among the best in the world. Students study abroad in the UK because UK’s education is highly respected by employers and allows students to develop confidence, critical thinking skills, and independence. Students choose to study in the UK as the country’s education system is powerful and novel if contrasted with some other nations. The UK stands out among the industrialized nations for its social engagement, personal security, superior environmental quality, and civil society engagement. One chooses to study in the UK as when it comes to quality and wealth of life at work; the country comes in the top 20 nations.

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Top Ranked Universities in UK

University of Oxford
University of Oxford
Oxford,UK Rank : 1
University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge
Cambridge,UK Rank : 3
Imperial College London
Imperial College London
London,UK Rank : 10
UCL (University College London)
UCL (University College London)
London,UK Rank : 22
The University of Edinburgh
The University of Edinburgh
Scotland,UK Rank : 29
King's College London, University of London
King's College London, University of London
Westminster,UK Rank : 35
University of Manchester
University of Manchester
Manchester,UK Rank : 54

Cost Of Education In UK

Types of Expenses Annual Expenses in USD
Tuition fees: Typically, between £10,000 and £26,000 annually
Accommodation: The average cost of rent in the UK (outside of London) is £547 in student halls
Transport: £54 a month
Food: £116 a month on average
Miscellaneous: £100

Admission + Eligibility Criteria

All UG Applications are submitted through UCAS. Here are the major requirements to study in UK that you need to ensure while applying to a UK University:


The UK provides many scholarships for international students, and that can be categorized based on your course and university. Some other scholarships cover your tuition fees wholly or partially, so you need not worry about your course fees much.

Why Study In UK?

Why study in UK, it's an important question that most students and their parents ask when choosing various study destinations to choose from. Study in UK for Indian students is possible through UK education consultants like Career Brick Consultant. The UK is preferred by many students, especially Indians, because of the quality of education. To study in UK, for Indian students need not worry too much about expenses as they will get help from several scholarships and fellowships with the help of UK education consultants.


● The UK is ranked among the top 3 destinations worldwide in terms of academic credibility.

● When it comes to quality and wealth of life at work, the UK comes in the top 20 nations.

● Every Year, about 450,000 international students study in the UK

● UK offers high-quality degrees to the students

● UK offers admission without IELTS

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Yes, it's possible to study in UK without IELTS and for this, you have to fulfill English requirements such as having proof of over 70% in English in High School.

UK is a world leader in several areas of education such as law, finance, IT, business and management, engineering, art & design, and science.

Yes, you can do work and job at the same time in the UK. Many students in the UK studying at universities have part-time student jobs mostly in hospitality, academic tutoring, or for their student union.

Yes, a UK degree is worldwide recognised as it provides high-quality study opportunities to international students.
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